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Iris Name: Yosemite Nights
Hybridizer & Year: (Sutton, 2004)
Height: TB 32"
Bloom Time: Mid - late season
Color: Plum standards with black overlay, black falls with plum edging, gold to black beards.
Other Attributes: Ruffled, slight musky fragrance

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Iris Name: Yosemite Sam
Hybridizer & Year: (Spoon, 2000)
Height: TB 34"
Bloom Time: Mid - late season
Color: Rose/mauve blended standards, rose/mauve blended falls with plum centers and white shoulders, tangerine beards.
Other Attributes: (HM'03), fragrant
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Iris Name: Young at Heart
Hybridizer & Year: (Schreiner, 2005)
Height: TB 33"
Bloom Time: Early - midseason
Color: Apricot standards with deep violet falls and apricot centers and tangerine beards.
Other Attributes:

Iris Name: Young Blood
Hybridizer & Year: (Hager, 1995)
Height: IB 23"
Bloom Time: Midseason
Color: Red/maroon blended self and orange/yellow blended beards.
Other Attributes: Fluted

Iris Name: You're Special
Hybridizer & Year: (Gaulter, 1989)
Height: TB 36"
Bloom Time: Mid - late season
Color: Bluish/lavender standards, white veined falls with bluish/lavender falls and tangerine beards.
Other Attributes:

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