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Iris Name: Zaggeran
Hybridizer & Year: (Burseen, 1998)
Height: TB 35"
Bloom Time: Midseason
Color: Mauve self with lighter centers and light orange shoulders and red/orange to white beards with horns.
Other Attributes: Fragrant

No Photo Available

Iris Name: Zandria
Hybridizer & Year: (Nebeker, 1996)
Height: TB 38"
Bloom Time: Midseason
Color: Rose pink standards and style arms and spotted violet/purple blended on top; violet/purple blended falls with rose pink lined hafts; fire red beards.
Other Attributes: (HM'98), (AM'00), ruffled

Iris Name: Zany
Hybridizer & Year: (Dunn, 1988)
Height: TB 36"
Bloom Time: Midseason
Color: White self with light blue/violet blending at edging and shoulders with pale yellow beards.
Other Attributes:

No Photo Available

Iris Name: Zebedee
Hybridizer & Year: (Jameson, 1995)
Height: TB 30"
Bloom Time: Mid to late season
Color: Lemon standards; lavender falls; yellow gold beards.
Other Attributes:

Iris Name: Zebra Blush
Hybridizer & Year: (Kasperek, 1995)
Height: TB 34"
Bloom Time: Early - midseason
Color: Pale yellow standards, light rose/purple blended falls and lavender rose beards.
Other Attributes: Fragrant, Variegated foliage

No Photo Available

Iris Name: Zinc Pink
Hybridizer & Year: (Ensminger, 1987)
Height: BB 23.5"
Bloom Time: Mid to late season
Color: A laced and ruffled french rose self and french rose beards.
Other Attributes: (AM'91), (KM'93), laced, ruffled

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